Whether Daedalos actually existed or whether he wore shoes is not important. Most of the stories about him clearly belong in the realm of the imagination. Believing it to be the truth doesn’t make sense. For me, the name Daedalos is automatically associated with the term labyrinth. Did he actually build the maze? I dont know. But remembering him shows what I mean by the term labyrinth. There are also other opinions on this.
I started building mazes about 25 years ago when I came across a compass box. When asked what I should do with this toy, I got the idea to merge the mandala and the labyrinth, to create something new out of the riddle of European antiquity and Asian art. Over the years, different variations of labyrinths, round mandala labyrinths, complex puzzles composed of square tiles and different formats based on Celtic braided patterns, in which the path runs sometimes under and sometimes over, have emerged. I hope you have as much fun with my work as I do. And maybe you like my labyrinths enough to want to hang one on your wall. Clicking on the maze on the right will take you straight to a marketplace where you can buy a lot of mazes.
Another note about the titles. I am quite productive, but I haven’t constructed a few thousand mazes. Since I keep using different basic grids for construction and somehow have to catalog my work, the first two numbers are an indication of the grid used. 60XX means that the grid is 6000 x 6000 pixels. The reason for the many different formats is simple: with each circle more or less the entire structure of a labyrinth changes and I like to experiment.
Finally, a few words about always and everywhere. I think my pictures deserve a big screen. You can of course also view them on your smartphone, but I made this page for leisure hours and not for click and away. So don’t be disappointed if it looks messy on your smartphone.