Who is Arpan Phoenix?

A thousand words cannot answer this question. And the picture above on the left shows only one role, one of many facets. We are all actors on the stage of life. In some roles I was successful, like that of the mad druid who would rather hit enemies with his stone ax than hug trees. I failed in other roles. I don’t manage to play the good citizen for long.
For many years I have tried to howl with the wolves, to imitate the behavior of those around me. I drank with colleagues and repeated their stupid jokes, unfortunately without success. I remained an outsider with my own thoughts and interests. I don’t want to fight for money and fame or make a career. I was always more interested in the work than in the money I get for it. I am different from you. I am not working. I want to dream and play, spin utopias, create instead of work and not count days. Being creative doesn’t necessarily make you successful.
Unfortunately, these were not good conditions for a life in this society and so my failure was inevitable. Any attempt to adapt to the bourgeois way of life ended in excessive alcohol abuse and ultimately in the gutter.
Salvation came at the beginning of the millennium through an official medical report. I suffer from a form of autism that occurs in gifted people and is therefore not able to work in a team. This means that I am unusable for the job market and, thanks to the Basic Law, I am entitled to basic security. You pay for my daily bread, shelter and health insurance. Thanks for that.
Escaping wage slavery set me free. The depression has gone and I no longer need alcohol to endure everyday life. I am allowed to be an artist, although that is only a part.
I live the romantic idea of ​​the poor poet, misunderstood genius and unsuccessful artist. But that is your romantic idea. I am who I am but I cannot explain who I am to you.