In the beginning there was the circle. And another one. And another one.
The basic construction of most labyrinths consists of circles of different sizes with the same thickness and the same spacing. Distributed on several levels and arranged in different positions, an auxiliary construction is created with which round labyrinths can be constructed. Here is a small selection:

Mandalabyrinth 3501
Mandalabyrinth 3503
Mandalabyrinth 3502
Mandalabyrinth 3504

Instead of filling them with colors, at some point I had the idea to transform the lines into hedges with my own fill patterns.

Maze 4801
Maze 4803
Maze 4811
Maze 4802
Maze 4804
Maze 4812

Unfortunately, the details can only be seen in their original size. Therefore, here is another image section: